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A website for an organisation that hosts events for kids from asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds, that allows volunteers to sign up, RSVP to events and report any child safety issues after the event.

Australian Refugee volunteers

Australian Refugee Volunteers (ARV) run monthly excursions for children and teens from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds. ARV is the largest volunteer-run organisation in Australia and relies on people to RSVP for the events each month. The events are hosted at different locations across Sydney and volunteers are required to pick up the kids and drive them to the activities.

the problem

The previous volunteer and administrative website was very old and often logged users out without notice, which made the creation of events and submission of child safety reports very frustrating. There was no way for volunteers to see upcoming events, and the organisation relied on emails for this communication. Volunteers often forgot to submit their debrief after the event and because the RSVP for the next event occured through SMS, most debriefs were never completed and submitted.

desired outcomes

The new website aimed to:

→ Increase the overall stability of the website

→ Increase visibility of future events so volunteers could plan ahead

→ Increase visibility of past events so volunteers could submit their debriefs

→ Remove legacy onboarding steps when signing up

→ Combine RSVP functionality into the website platform

easy RSVP

Ability to see future events and RSVP to current events as a Driver, Passenger or Solo volunteer.


The next time a volunteer logs in to RSVP to the next event, they can see any previous event with an outstanding debrief to complete.


When someone first signs up to ARV, they are categorised as a 'Trainee' until they have completed their training. The website is configured to show them the process of becoming a volunteer and the next available training days.

great feedback

The admin team are extremely happy with the upgrade and volunteers are submitting debriefs at a higher rate than with the old website.

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