Giselle is my name —

Creating better experiences for people is my game.


Human-centred design

HCD methodologies focus the design and development to create products and services that are truly valuable to our users.

function first

The core experience must be well understood and defined before moving onto the visual design.

design, test, repeat

Getting feedback early and often is the key to an intuitive user experience and alignment with stakeholders.

be the glue

A strong UX designer is someone who can be the glue between the product vision, engineering and usability, and can guide the team to a balanced and refined end experience.

team player

Cross-disciplinary teams create the best products. Period. Empowering team members multiplies the quality of work.

diagram appreciator

"It's not a meeting with Giselle unless there's a diagram!" — Coworker

skills matrix


COVIDSafe app redesign

A public health mobile application that uses Bluetooth technology to assist with contact tracing and reduce the spread of COVID-19 within the Australian population.

This was a personal exploration of how Human-Centred Design methodologies can be utilised within the public health sector.

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joule oven app

A recipe mobile application that connects to a smart oven to send instructions wirelessly.

Please email me to access this unreleased project.

haccp manager app

A mobile application that wirelessly connects to the HydroPro sous vide machine to retrieve temperature data and create cooking logs for health inspectors.

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ARV Community

A website for an organisation that hosts events for kids from asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds, that allows volunteers to sign up, RSVP to events and report any child safety issues after the event.

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arv playbook

A hands-on kit to help event coordinators plan events for kids from asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds.

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quick classify

A feature of the Australian Museum website where members of the public can identify a specimen or get in touch with an expert.

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