HACCP Manager App —

A mobile application that wirelessly connects to 'the HydroPro Plus'
sous vide machine to retrieve temperature data and create cooking logs for health inspectors.

the Hydropro plus

Designed for chefs, the HydroPro Plus aims to provide a sleek, robust and intuitive sous vide solution for the much-lacking commerical environment.

the problem

Because sous vide is a newer type of cooking method, food safety regulations required chefs to keep temperature cooking logs. Other issues included:

→ Regulations differed across state and county and was often up to the specific health inspector's interpretation of the rules

→ The existing method was pen and paper temperature logs that were very time consuming to create

→ Some restaurants hid their sous vide equipment or steered clear of the cooking method all together, to avoid having to complete the temperature logs

→ The physical filing of this paperwork took up precious space in the kitchen

a focus on research

Because Breville’s core consumer is the home cook, branching out into the uncharted commercial space required multiple rounds of research. In the USA, the food regulation laws differ state to state and even district to district, which meant familiarising ourselves across all types of establishments nation-wide.

Aug 2017
Melbourne, AU — Contextual inquiry with restaurants

Jun 2018
Chicago, US — Usability testing & interviews

Sep 2019
Nation-wide, US — Field trial

Nov 2019
Sydney, AU & Los Angeles, US — Usability testing & interviews


Chefs are able to sort and filter the cooking logs by product, date range, sent status and establishment.

easy pair

Chefs are able to easily pair multiple products to their account via Bluetooth.

print or share

The app makes it easy for the chef to print off the temperature logs for their records or email the them straight to the health inspector.

In the market by Christmas

After 3 years of hard work, the team is excited to see this product hit the markets by Christmas. There is no commercial sous vide machine with this much functionality packed in and an end-to-end solution for keeping temperature logs.

To top it off, we won a Red Dot Award. Though the HydroPro Plus product

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